Our Real Estate Experience

“We were driving north from Santa Fe to visit this place where our old friends, Jeff and Jennie, live. They had tried to explain how different Taos is, but it kind of came out…blah, blah, blah. Then we came out of this canyon and at the top of the hill, we saw the most spectacular vista, with what seemed like a big gap in the middle of it and snowcapped peaks beyond. Wow!

My husband and I looked at each other and just knew we NEEDED to live here. We talked with our friends and they said Christine Valvano and Steve Johnson at Salsa Realty are the people to talk with if we were serious. We were, we did and we bought our dream home. Double Wow!

Christine and Steve took our wish-list and made it come true. Jeff and Jennie said they not only sold a home, but also bought land through Salsa Realty. Friends of theirs (and now ours) have been using them since 2004 for commercial and investment real estate. Simply put, they are the experts on all things Taos. And that says a bunch!”

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